Buy This! Navy!

I know, nautical stripes are so everywhere that maybe we shouldn’t be wearing them anymore. But they’re definitely representative of summer, and when done right, they can really make an outfit. The key is to not go nautical from head to toe. I would not wear a nautical shirt with sailor pants, for example. Also, when choosing stripes, go with options that are figure flattering for you. You need to wear the stripes, not let the stripes wear you.

My first recommendation is going to shock you. I know most people don’t look at me and think “Lands’ End” but the item that I think you all need to add to your wardrobe happens to come from there. Last year, I bought the St. James nautical tee from J. Crew, and while I love it and wear it in a variety of ways, the price point is too high to justify a second color. But then I made this find (thanks to style maven Ahn of 9-to-5 chic for the idea). At half the cost of the J. Crew purchase, the Boatneck Sailor Tee from Lands’ End (I bought a size down) has already clocked a ton of mileage. I wear it with jeans (with bright tee underneath). I wear it with a mushroom colored pencil skirt (tucked in, with a colorful belt). I’ll wear it with white jeans, pants, or shorts. It goes so well with my orange Kate Spade Essex Scout. Whereas my St. James shirt is ivory with navy stripes, I bought the Lands’ End version in true navy with white. The persimmon stripe may soon join the family.

If you still aren’t convinced, go to the 9-t0-5 chic website for three styling options. Then try it with items from your own closet and go find yourself a sailor.


2 thoughts on “Buy This!”

  1. I just can’t buy this–can you even picture me in anything vaguely nautical? I will say, it does look great on you.

    I think we should team up and do a “what to wear” thing because we have very different, particular styles that could cover a lot of ground.

    1. Caitlin, I agree that nautical just would not be you… except perhaps a really cool pair of vintage sailor pants. I would love to have “guest stylers” who put together their version of the perfect outfit. Speaking of which, I walked by a store in Philadelphia yesterday that had all these funky corset tops in the window. I totally thought of you.

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