help me style this dress

help me style this dress
Dear Readers: Sometimes we all need a little help. Yesterday, I bought this dress from the wonderful Teisha at Betsy Fisher, but now that I brought it home, I am having some angst on styling. Let me say first off that it is very much NOT a “Chelsea dress.” In fact, I hated it on the hanger. But then I got it on my body and it hugs and hides all the right places.
I had on the Chie Mihara’s pictured to the left when I tried the dress on, and they really did bring out some subtle tones from the “racing flames” down the side of the dress. But I may need to wear this dress with black opaque tights. I own a version of the black pump pictured, plus one with more sass and substance (a Dana Davis peep toe that sports a 4-inch heel but half-inch platform).
Maybe it is the addition that tights that is throwing me off. Maybe it is a combination of colors that wouldn’t normally attract me. But I would love your thoughts on (1) the dress; (2) shoe options; and (3) jewelry options.
Yours in fashion,
The Chelsea Chronicles

3 thoughts on “help me style this dress”

    1. YES! I meant Dana… OMG, my brain is dizzy from six conference calls today. I don’t HAVE to wear black tights… I don’t have to wear either of these shoes. I am open! I want options.

      Now I am going to update my post to be accurate because I can’t stand being inaccurate!

  1. cute dress! shoe options are good — i like both. the chie mihara feels more daytime. as for jewelry. i would nix anything around the neck that would compete with the print on the dress. so…bracelets. you could do a simple gold cuff. or if you do a boot with the dress, something funkier like a mix of bangles and black leather wrap bracelet. have fun! wearing it!

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