bah humbug

Seriously, who likes Valentine’s Day?

As far as I can tell, if you’re single, it’s a day that is found universally to be repulsive. If you’re in a relationship, it’s a day when you are forced to acknowledge something that should be celebrated every day.

The last few weeks I have systematically unsubscribed from every email offer that has reminded me about this impending day of feeling bad or inadequate. Amazon, I don’t need to know what books you recommend I buy my true love. I could take care of that myself, thanks. Nordstrom, I like sexy lingerie as much as the next woman but I wear pretty underpinnings all year round, not just for one day. Unsubscribe. Delete.

I’m not sure what the statistic is on how much more expensive roses are on Valentine’s Day than any other day out of the year, but I’m sure it is significant. Are they less thornier? Do they smell better? Are they a more vibrant shade of red?

No, but because of Hallmark and consumer pressure, we all feel the need to meet expectations.

So why do we do it?

What if society collectively decided that instead of buckling under the pressure of some long-ago saint, we’d pick a random day to express our love. Wouldn’t that be more special to the receiver of the gesture? And less painful to those who are made to feel inferior by their lack of a relationship status?

Everyone wants to be told and shown that they are loved. Most people love to receive flowers, chocolate (or salted caramels) or perhaps something lacy. Who wouldn’t melt over having a romantic dinner prepared for them. But wouldn’t it be more fabulous to receive these gestures on March 12th, June 8th or October 15th instead of on the day that everyone else is rushing to make a similar statement?

Some of you will call me Valentine Scrooge and some will say “poor her, she doesn’t have a Valentine” but don’t feel sorry for me. When I receive roses on a random day, have a surprise dinner prepared for me or receive a lovely silky item for no other reason than love, I can assure you, I won’t be thinking of you.

(I mean that in the kindest of ways.)


One thought on “bah humbug”

  1. I am with you–what a silly day. When even the local public radio buckles under the pressure and features matchmakers, I gag. It might have been an interesting topic–on any other day.

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