must have monday: scarves

I wear scarves in the winter, of course. But I also wear them in the fall, spring and even summer. No time is a bad time for a good scarf.

Is it your pop of color? An alternative to a necklace? A blanket to wrap around yourself in a cold movie theater or an over air conditioned office? Maybe you wear it Grace Kelly style when your friend with a convertible is driving with the top down. Whatever the reason, I can’t have too many.

On a retail therapy shopping spree in San Francisco last month, I bought three. My friend Amy was astonished.

Amy: More scarves?

But all three called to me and all three are already getting good use. The green one with the black stitching on the trim kept me warm(ish) during Katilan’s late night post-reception frolicking in Annapolis after I exchanged my dress for jeans but didn’t have my jacket because it had been hot and humid at departure time for the wedding. The green scarf’s twin in fuchsia was too pretty to pass up. The ivory and black zebra print has become my new go-to neutral, replacing the much worn and loved ivory Love Quotes scarf that was a 40th birthday present from Kassie. I have already worn all three of these scarves repeatedly. They join a legion of many scarves slung over a hook on the back of my closet door, waiting to be the one I grab as I dash out the door.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money on a scarf. In fact, one of my favorite ones in the rotation right now I snagged at Banana Republic for $7.00. The cost per wear on a scarf over its lifetime will, if you wear them like I do, be negligible. And the best part is, once a scarf has reached a stage where its wear and tear is too evident to be an appropriate wardrobe component any longer, they make great belts for little boys who like to secure toy swords tightly around their waists. Alternatively, they make great restraints for grown-up play.

But frankly, neckties work better for both.


One thought on “must have monday: scarves”

  1. You inspired me this morning. Wearing all black with a pink scarf today and have already gotten a ton of comments. This will be a new summer staple. -Virginia

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