must have monday: pretty underpinnings

This might be my third post on my love for nice underpinnings, but my devotion to matching bra and panty sets is not to be underestimated.

Every great lingerie set begins with the bra. The right bra can make you look enhanced. The right bra should fit comfortably. And of course, even the most functional bra can (and should) be pretty. Over the last year or so, I have carefully weeded my drawer of the bras that are uncomfortable, stretched out and have seams or other finicky details that always show through no matter what you have on. (These styles are not meant to be worn under clothes obviously, but how long do they really stay on in “other” circumstances? Not long enough to deserve space in a drawer.) Straps that slip? Don’t put up with that. Underwire poking out? Girlfriends, get rid of it. Does part of your breast hang out underneath the cup of the bra? Unacceptable. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable (or unflattering) bras.

I have slowly converted most of my bras to the style (Marie Jo plunge) I wrote about last September. The daisy detail on the strap adds a touch of femininity but the cup itself allows this bra to be worn under the tightest of t-shirts. I now own it in cosmic blue, black, ruby red, hot pink and cafe latte. And because I buy multiple panties to match each bra, I can get several wears a week out of the same color, if that is what my heart desires and wardrobe dictates. The versatility also allows for less frequent bra washings, which, let’s be honest, none of us like to do. (Note: I have been assured that washing my bras in a lingerie bag on delicate is fine, but you must air dry it.) I undertake this process less than I like to admit.

I know I have not left much to the imagination of those who might be curious as to what lies beneath, but my desire to convert the disbelievers is strong. Whether you have been married a gazillion years and think it doesn’t matter what your undergarments look like or are young and starting off in your career, get in the habit of at least matching your underpinnings even if they aren’t technically a set. Then begin by investing in a nice set that fits (please get a fitting) but don’t just save it for special occasions. Try wearing it on any old day. Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Then, once you are a true believer, come talk to me about shoes.


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