pretty in pink

After hearing my complaint from afar that she did not try on enough color, Lee sent me these never before seen pictures of her in the following gowns.

This fuchsia Badgley Mischka dress is everything I love. It’s playful. It’s young without being prom-y or slutty. It’s mature without being matronly. With alteration of the straps, it would be sexy without being too revealing.

Sadly, it’s double her budget.

Lee dutifully tried on some of the dresses that had been pinned by her team of consultants, with the following results (in her own words):

1. Amsale Back Cutout Gown – the cap sleeves didn’t quite work and it was too plain – very bridesmaidy.

2. BCBG Sophia gown – the material was too plain and bunched up in the back.

3. Tadashi Shoij Asymetrical Pleated – it was very nice, but lots and lots of material. And honestly, it wasn’t sexy enough.

4. Tadashi Shoji Draped Taffeta – it had no hanger appeal (just looked old ladyish) so I didn’t even try it on.

Two other options that are back in her budget stratosphere and still in the running include:

And this:

After talking to Lee, it sounds like the middle dress pictured here is in serious contention. She reports it has a nice swing when she walks and it will travel well. But it’s black. Sigh. I’m totally smitten with the pink dress, as is she, perfectly illustrating why people should never try on something outside of their price range. I still plan to lobby for her to find a way to make it work. (After all, lobbying is what I do.)

And I believe people should have those things they most want and love.


3 thoughts on “pretty in pink”

  1. The pink dress is a wow! People will take a second look at that dress. The black dress is beautiful and is very figure flattering, but…the color will prevent people from looking at this dress twice. Can you find another designer with a similar style or color in the price range? Tough call. BTW, a friend of mine does design dresses here in NYC. She does a bridal, bridesmaid and party line. Her bridesmaid line is more “formal” than bridesmaid. Take a look for future reference. Good luck and I love reading your blog….Liz

  2. PINK dress. I agree with Chelsea and having had to go to a formal “ball” before and doing the same thing, finding a dress way out of my price range this is how it works. IF you love it and it looks fabulous on you, buy it. Then wear it often. There is nothing stopping you from finding one or two “black tie” fundraisers or events to attend on behalf of a great charity and feel good and do good. If you divide the cost by how many times you wear it, you will find that it makes sense. Go! Be beautiful! Have fun! All the best ~ Angie

  3. PINK dress! Seriously. Having been in the same situation – finding a formal ball gown out of my price range – here is how it works. IF you feel beautiful (you certainly look beautiful), buy the dress. Then there is nothing stopping you from finding one, two or more black tie charity events to wear the dress again. Look good, feel good! I think I averaged my wears out to at least 5 to make the dress worth while (your math may be different based on your budget) but I did it! I went to 5 different events over the course of a couple years where I felt amazing and got to wear a dress that doesn’t normally occupy my closet. So … I say GO! Wear the pink dress! Feel beautiful! Have fun! All the best ~ Angie

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