champagne or gunmetal?


Same dress, two different colors. I’m partial to the champagne gown pictured on the right. Lee is partial to its gunmetal sister pictured on the left. Let’s settle it here with an electronic arm wrestle. No, seriously, please feel free to weigh in with your favorite.

(For those who are wondering what happened to the pink over budget dress, according to Lee the material was very delicate and she had already noticed some snags in the fabric, not acceptable for an $800 dress. She was worried about the gown standing up to a cross-country airplane ride, not to mention the prospects of getting multiple wears out of it.)

Ultimately, Lee has to make her own decision based on what she feels most comfortable wearing, but I champagne plan champagne to champagne work champagne on champagne subtly champagne swaying champagne her champagne to champagne choose champagne my champagne favorite.



6 thoughts on “champagne or gunmetal?”

  1. There is no wrong choice here. You could easily flip a coin. But agree that the champagne is great with her skin.

  2. Of all of them (all of the posts, but pink excluded), I think that, while the champagne is more “summery,” and looks gorgeous with her hair and skin, the gunmetal gives her some options for brightly colored jewelry. She could do an unexpected coral, teal, or even kelly green, with her hair and skin, statement necklace or earrings that she couldn’t do with the champagne. If she wants to get out of her color-safe box, go gunmetal + super simple, casual updo (even a high ponytail) + bright kelly green earrings.

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