lashing out

I need another beauty service like I need a hole in my head. I already have a hair appointment every 4-5 weeks when the grays start to betray me, multiple waxing services every 3-4 weeks, manicures and pedicures regularly, personal training sessions at Fitness Together and spin + barre classes at Biker Barre almost daily. (Do fitness expenditures fall in the beauty services category? I think so as they do result in a more beautiful body and improved frame of mind.)

I also have a plethora of beauty products, although I’m more conservative than you probably think I am. For example, when I find an eyeshadow palette I like, I use it everyday until it runs out. I do have my regular products that get purchased routinely, such as primer, tinted moisturizer, my awesome sunscreen I use on my face everyday, loose powder, pressed powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, mascara, eyeliner… oh and an army of lipsticks and glosses.

But then there’s so much I don’t do. For example, I don’t ever fake and bake. I don’t get blow outs (though I admit I would if my hair were longer). I don’t get facials with any regularity. My hair appointments are confined to cut and color; I don’t get extensions, perms or keratin treatments. My nails are my own. I don’t have a single tattoo.

So it’s with all this in mind that I’m contemplating adding a new beauty treatment to my regime.

I had been admiring a new friend’s eyelashes and finally got the opportunity to inquire about what kind of mascara she uses. I have been loyal to the Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara for at least six years, but lately I have been in the mood for a bolder look. The problem is, I find every mascara except this one leaves that horrible ring around your eyes, even the ones that profess they don’t. Anyway, I was prepared for her to say Dior Show or Great Lash or one of the others I knew would disappoint me.

But instead I was shocked by her response.

New Friend: I don’t ever wear mascara or eyeliner (big heavy internal sigh from me) because… my eyelashes are totally fake! I have eyelash extensions.

I never even knew such a thing existed.

The technique involves gluing 75-125 eyelashes to your existing ones in a manner that leaves you with thicker, longer and more glamorous lashes. The results are stunning. (I’ve spent some time reviewing before and after photos.) I have never wanted hair extensions but I admit I’m very tempted to try out this procedure. It’s a financial commitment, but to have perfect Elizabeth Taylor-esque eyelashes that wouldn’t smear in the pool, run during a crying jag or melt off due to sweat would be worth it. And who wouldn’t love to wake up in the morning looking “totally done while being completely undone” to quote my lash mentor.

As a society, we go to great lengths to enhance our natural beauty, and while beauty is more than skin deep, feeling good about yourself radiates through and in the level of confidence you project. I’m all for feeling empowered by the choices we make, even those choices that involve a glue gun near ones eyeballs.


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