must have monday: me time

The last three days felt like three weeks.

I don’t do well in record-breaking summer temperatures as it is, but I most certainly do not thrive when those conditions are made worse by lack of electricity and water usage restrictions during a weekend when I have the kids.

But now I hear the sound of kids at summer camp. (For those of you who don’t have kids, this means silence.) No one is complaining that they are bored or hot. No one is asking why the pool is closed or if I can just check one more time to make sure the power is really off and not that I just blew a fuse.

(Oh, I blew a fuse.)

I know these are the rants of a spoiled person. Believe me, I’m most grateful for the amenities I have and was relieved to have power restored and water restrictions lifted yesterday. But today, day one of a modified stay-cation, is going to be a day dedicated to me. And the ability to have a day like this is certainly going to be all the more appreciated after what we just experienced.

From dry cleaners to mani-pedi to lunch (by myself if I can’t find a date) to an appointment with my aesthetician to a drop off at the cobbler and plans for an evening workout, today will be about taking care of me.

We all need and deserve a little self-maintenance once in awhile, and the timing of my such day could not be any better.


2 thoughts on “must have monday: me time”

  1. On this must have Monday, I must have a buyer for the extra sale Kate Spade dress I ordered in a size 6. This is the dress:,default,pd.html Aubrey Wrap Dress, style njmu1691 in navy and green.
    It was on sale when I ordered it for 50% off and I thought certainly it would fit since I am that size in my other Kate items. Nope… it runs small or either I’ve gained weight. Neither of which are a good thing. So, I’d say it fits a 4 or small 6.
    But, without thinking it was already 50% off and Kate would not take it back, I ordered the 8 and it fits. Now, I have a size 6 dress and a size 8 dress and Kate isn’t budging on her return policy.
    It is now listed even further marked down for $164, I purchased for $219, will sell at $164.

    Any takers? Please email or comment here.

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