WTF, J. Crew?

$795.00 for a cashmere camel blazer. $895 for a sequin top that looks vaguely like the one I got on sale last November for $49. $595 for a toggle coat. (As beautiful as it looked on gp, I know toggle-coat devotees can do better.) $350 for a lace dress seems mild by comparison but DVF makes the Zarita every season and it’s both more flattering looking (based on my on-line assessment) and is slightly less expensive. $695 for a yellow sequin skirt seems especially steep and this python getup can make any woman look like a pregnant snake for a mere $475. (I thought it was a dress at first give the way it is styled with a matchy matchy blouse.) And rounding out my favorite J. Crew question marks is the $325 golden paisley pant, which looks suspiciously like pajamas. Hey, I know the floral pant is trending right now, but if you want to venture into this territory (note: I do not) I recommend starting at something in the two-digit price range that you won’t regret after the first wear.

I love J. Crew. But this is ridiculous. These examples just confound me (and they aren’t the only ones). I appreciate the idea of J. Crew Collection. Banana did it with Monogram. But at the end of the day, you are still J. Crew. And I really hope no one is paying full price for these items because I fear that (1) they are getting ripped off and (2) it will just encourage the Crew to offer more of the same.

I rely on J. Crew for staples such as pencil skirts, tee-shirts, and the only pants I wear that aren’t jeans. (Yes, I mean you, Minnie.) I’m a recent convert to their cashmere. I’ve contemplated getting my winter coat there. But at the prices they demand for their Collection, you expect to bring home an investment piece, produced by a brand known for its longevity and quality. You don’t want a $700 yellow sequin skirt that you get limited wear out of. Or maybe you do, but if I see you in public, I’m going to call you yellow sequin skirt babe and I’m going to hope you got it way on sale.


4 thoughts on “WTF, J. Crew?”

  1. Amen Chelsea! And not only that, I feel the quality has diminished over the years. I have decades-old J. Crew merino and cashmere sweaters that look like new yet new pieces I buy aren’t as thick, as finished, as consistent. My wardrobe used to be 75% J. Crew but since Jenna Lyons was on board and fashion’s It Girl J. Crew got too big of a head… and pricetag. Ridiculous.

    1. So you know what I just learned? None of their so-called Collection items are even eligible for the 25% off special right now. That makes me angry not because I was going to buy anything but bc I think if you’re going to have a sale, have a sale!

  2. AGREE!! dub-tee-eff j. crew! when i shop j. crew i am expecting moderate prices, not “collection.” i love jenna lyons direction of the brand, but this is reedonculous.

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