weathering the storm

Photo by chelseachronicl

We neurotically baked. Sugar cookies. Banana muffins (no nuts). Rustic Apple Tart. Homemade pizza (three kinds). We watched a lot of movies. Five, to be exact, including Young Frankenstein. We built a fire. We kept our electronic devices plugged in at all times and knocked on wood every time we looked at the clock and noticed how much time had passed since the worst of Frankenstorm had hit us. I drank wine.

And after kids were finally asleep on the living room floor where I decided we should camp out in case one (or more) of the tall trees in our yard tipped, I watched with horror the flooding that was occurring on the coast of New Jersey and in New York City.

In DC, we haven’t had a lot of good news since Teddy won the President’s Race, but that Hurricane Sandy left us relatively unscathed is a relief. If only we could continually channel this spirit of community and neighborhood that prevails during times of crises and let it be our guiding force everyday of the year. But sadly and cynically, by tomorrow, I expect partisan bickering to return to the shores of the Capitol and the nation.


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