DC Wine Week

Today I invite you to hop on over to¬†http://www.dcwineweek.com/2012/10/on-wine-and-shoes/ to read a post I did there on two of my favorite things: shoes and wine. I promise it’s a good read. You may want to put on your favorite pair of shoes and pour yourself a glass of wine first though!




No, I’m not about to slip into the writer’s block abyss. Over the weekend, my time was consumed by a guest, the kids’ soccer games and football. (Welcome back, real refs!) Over the last few days, I had a carbon conference and a women’s business networking event to attend. Today, my head and shoulders hurt and my inbox is unmanageable.

In case you need something Chelsea to tide you over, you can read the guest post I did last week for my hairstylist, Mickey Bolek of Michael Anthony Salon, and in a few days time, check out another guest appearance I’m making for DC Wine Week. (Don’t worry, I will remind you again.)

If that isn’t enough, my goal is to have my short story ready for Amazon e-publishing by this weekend. And that I hope you put on your must read list.