go vote

┬áIn case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s Election Day.

Maybe you took advantage of early voting, as I did. Perhaps you are taking your chances on the day itself. But whatever the situation, please do vote.

Some excuses I can’t stand:

My vote doesn’t make a difference. It does. Maybe you don’t live in a battleground state. Your popular vote still matters. And there should be some pride in voting your heart even if it isn’t mainstream in your district.

I don’t have time. This year, there was a plethora of early voting opportunities. Make voting a priority. Imagine living in a country where you didn’t have the right to vote. Wouldn’t you give anything for the chance to exercise your civic duty? Don’t take it for granted.

I don’t know how to vote. Spend the time in line familiarizing yourself with ballot initiatives and/or candidates you don’t have an opinion on. It’s important. It’s your country, state, county, city. Take pride in being part of the process that determines its governing.

The bottom line is that voting is sexy. So go out and do it, whoever your candidates may be.


Month of Chelsea

Photo by chelseachronicl

I have designated November to be Month of Chelsea. I’ve had enough of tears, frustration, bad weather, illness and death. I’ve had enough of sleepless nights, back pain, and wondering when things will turn around. There’s no sense in waiting for change. It’s time to make it for myself.

I had this epiphany exactly yesterday, on day one. And what did I do on this day? I early voted. It took a five-hour split shift on a rainy day to get it done, but it was important to me to fulfill this civic duty. In between line waiting, I spent some quality time with my hairdresser and dropped by the kids’ school where I had a nice chat with the principal about my kids’ education.

So far day two has found me breakfasting with one of my favorite people in DC and receiving this unexpected gift in the mail from my friend Kassie. It’s my very favorite shoe of all time, the Treat by Bettye Muller, custom dyed in a gorgeous coral-orange shade. Later today, I hope to make it to Biker Barre and after, to visit with my old boss to discuss an idea I have to return civility to Washington, DC. Yes, I am thinking big this month.

On tap for day three I have Weekend Warriors, one of my favorite days of the month. Other goodies in the Chelsea queue include: publishing at long last my story; heading to Michigan for Election Day to campaign for the Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs ballot initiative; and later this month, I head to San Francisco for Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. And then there is my upcoming vacation to Hawaii.

How can November not be month of Chelsea when I’m spending seven days of it in Hawaii?

I won’t torture you with daily updates, but did want to share my newfound energy, enthusiasm and purpose. If we all decide that November is going to be our month and we all made the most of these 30 days, wouldn’t all that positive energy result in a vast amount of goodness?

I’m not saying that this is the solution to all the world’s problems, but at least for one month, I promise to not let the negative get in the way and to live each day with the promise it deserves.

tips from an early voter

Photo by chelseachronicl

I just spent three hours and ten minutes in line to early vote. That does NOT include the two hours I spent in line this morning before I had to abort the mission to head to my noon appointment.

The lines are long. The line waiters are patient and determined.

It’s beautiful to be part of this display of patriotism. But if you are going to squeeze in early voting before Election Day, I have some advice.

1. Bring a book. (I was so happy to discover I had my kindle in my purse.)

2. Charge your phone. (I was on low battery an hour before I hit the last stretch of hallway.)

3. Go with a friend.

4. Wear comfortable shoes.

5. Dress warm if you live in a cooler climate. I had a sweater, coat, gloves, two scarves and was still cold.

6. Bring a snack and water. Seriously.

7. Take this time to review any ballot initiatives you aren’t well-versed on.

8. Talk to those people waiting around you. It really does pass the time faster and I even saw some folks holding places in line for those who wanted to run to the restroom.

9. If you can, leave the kids at home.

10. Revel in the fact that so many Americans are exercising their civic duty.

I don’t know if 2012 will see record voter turnout, but I do know I have never waited in line for more than 45 minutes to vote on Election Day proper. And at the end of the process, the more people who come to the polls, the better we are as a nation. I just hope the rest of those who intend to vote don’t show up at the polls at the same time you do.