today’s outfit

today's outfit

¬†Well, this isn’t exactly my outfit today. But it’s a rather close representation. Instead of the earrings pictured here, I wore a vintage pair of gold studs I inherited from my great-aunt. And instead of the eggplant colored MV Wallace bag, I carried a black one (but oh how this one would have looked so much better). The bracelet pictured is also close to what I own, but not the one.
Readers will recognize the shoes that were the object of so much drama (with a happy ending) this summer.
I was a little nervous about the leopard print shirt; I tend to incorporate animal prints in smaller doses. Wearing too much kittycat print is recipe for being called names a woman in her 40s doesn’t want to be called. But then one day a few weeks ago I spilled coffee on myself walking from my car to the office. I had no backup at work and couldn’t go home to change, so at 10:00am sharp I ran to the Ann Taylor at Union Station in search of a replacement and returned to the office with this top.
I feel like today’s ensemble worked, if I do say so myself. I could pretend fall has arrived in DC with the vibrant flame skirt, but the sleeveless top allowed me to bounce from meeting to meeting with limited overheating. After all, sweat is not a welcome addition to any outfit.