Currently Coveting…

I curse my expensive taste in handbags!

When I received a very nice email from the folks at Loeffler Randall informing me that they were about to launch a new handbag collection, I really didn’t think twice. While I am a huge admirer from afar at their funky shoes, I like my handbags more on the classic side, and I assumed their new line would be too uber-trendy.

Then I saw these two bags:

While the bag to the left has a definite rocker vibe, I believe it is executed in a fashion that could remain timeless on the arm of the right woman. If you embody the idea that red is a neutral (which I do) the bag on the right has limitless possibilities.

I am smitten.

The price on these puppies makes blush the Kate Spades I usually buy through a special sale on the sale, and Loeffler Randall items do not quickly get marked down. So I shall merely covet these beautiful babies from my computer screen, and live vicariously through anyone who makes the splurge.


fashion happenings: update one

Last night, as promised, I attended the trunk show showcasing The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens. I am happy to report that I walked away with a new silk blouse. Of course, I wanted to wear said new blouse immediately, but given the high temps this week, I will probably have to save this long-sleeved beauty for a more temperate day.

If you know me, you are looking at this pattern and thinking “that is so not Chelsea.” I know, right? I don’t do floral. But I do love bold colors. And while this was not the blouse that initially called to me (that would be the navy pin dot version of the same style) once I had it on, I knew it would come home with me.

If you are still questioning my purchase, here’s how I plan to style it:

For work, with a white pencil skirt and nude pumps. (I don’t own this skirt, but I like the texture, which I think would carry from summer into warm fall days.)

For date night, with white jeans (I’m a huge fan of the Angel by AG) and an animal print flat. (I’m not sure this Loeffler Randall flat would work, but I want you to envision something other than leopard.)

For casual events, with white shorts (if I can find a pair that I don’t detest) and the J. Crew malta sandal.

It’s important even in a conservative town like Washington, DC that we push the fashion envelope when appropriate, and that is what this blouse does. It expresses personality. It will garner attention. It was just a teensy bit outside my comfort zone, which means I will wear it and be unexpected.

Best of all, together this blouse and I likely will not run into a woman in the Senate with an identical top. But even if we do, she and I will know we both bought a blouse from a DC-based designer who used to stomp the halls of Congress herself. She gets us. She gets our needs. And I hope she continues to make her blouses for years to come.