step into my closet

The two biggest questions I get asked about my clothes are, “where did you get that?” and “how did you ever think to put that [insert bold color] [insert item of clothing] with that [insert bold color] [insert item of clothing]?”

If you just don’t have time to put together an outfit or maybe you think you don’t know how, or you have a vision but are stuck on where to shop, check out the recently launched Kassie’s Closet. This project is based on the idea that every great pair of shoes deserves a great outfit. Or you could look at it the other way around and say every great outfit deserves the perfect shoe. Either way, in Kassie’s Closet you will find a set of outfits designed by a team of stylists, complete with purchase information and hyperlinks to each item. Just think, you can browse where I buy my outfits without the burden of finding a babysitter, parking or mapping out a route from store-to-store.

As if this weren’t enough, you can also “save” products and outfits you like to your own profile and receive emails when additional outfits are built by a stylist you follow and a notification on your page when a new outfit is made around an item you have saved. You can comment on outfits and engage in an “e-conversation” with the stylist who created the look. It’s interactive. It’s current. It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Or should I say, the greatest thing since four-inch heels?

Even if you don’t purchase outfits identical to those featured, you can use the Closet to inspire you to put together similar outfits or to put your own spin on a certain ensemble you see pictured.

I’m proud to be a Kassie’s Closet stylist, though everyday I wait for the Closet Powers That Be to realize I don’t really have any styling qualifications beyond being a wardrobe wonk with a strong appreciation for clothes and a slightly unhealthy fetish for shoes. I enjoy contributing to the Closet because it gives me a chance to put together wardrobe ideas I’m contemplating for myself, as well as providing an opportunity to share with you outfits (or versions of outfits) I already own. It’s my small way of making the world a more polished place, one soul (two soles) at a time.

If you aren’t already in the Closet, click on the link above to request an invitation (you will get one, it just might take a day or two) and start browsing.┬áLet Kassie’s Closet and the team of stylists inspire you.

I look forward to seeing you in the Closet.