storm prep

I had a hard time figuring out what to do for Frankenstorm. Snow and ice storms, I get. Perfect Storm to Tell the Grandkids About, I’ve been at a loss for how to prepare.

I bought some firewood and a bag of votives. I would have bought batteries too except who knows when one is at the grocery store what kind of batteries one’s flashlights take? I have a full wine cellar, and I can mercifully cook on my stove thanks to the old fashioned pilot light. At this moment, our iEverythings and Kindles are charged, and I’m using as many electrical appliances this morning as possible. Forget reading. Time to watch TV. I immediately got in the shower after waking up so that I could blow dry my hair. I made a latte on my espresso maker. I’m doing laundry and using the computer. My rain boots are by the door in case I need to make a quick escape.

It sounds cavalier, but it’s all my form of panic management. I manage what I can control, and hope that talking to the majestic 30 and 50-foot trees that surround my house will be enough to keep them firmly rooted in place.

Last night, when I read this storm story from the Weather Channel, the severity of what we are about to face hit me. This shit is real. And it’s scary. In the end, there’s not a lot we can do to combat mother nature (except maybe address climate change). So hunker down. Stay safe, my friends. And if you need a glass of wine by the fireplace and have a vehicle that will get you to my house, feel free to drop on by.