men’s wear wednesday: just say no to dad jeans

I have two hot girlfriends who recently went on dates with guys who showed up in what I refer to as dad jeans. You know exactly what they look like. They’re a lighter wash. They’re high-waisted. They’re unflattering. They might as well have a tapered leg. Oh wait, sometimes they do.

I want to let men in on a secret: we like to check out your asses as much as you check out ours. I’m not saying that you have to go invest hundreds of dollars in designer jeans if that isn’t in your comfort zone or budget. I get it. You see jeans as being something you wear to kick around in, do yard work, coach little league. But I’d just like to make a few suggestions.

Stay away from colored denim. Unless you have a comfortable hipster swagger, skinny jeans are probably not for you. When you are going out on a date, try wearing jeans of a darker hue like this very budget friendly pair from the Gap. When you buy them, don’t get them baggy already because denim stretches. It stretches a lot. A trip to the Denim Bar, even if you don’t end up buying anything there, can be very enlightening. But I can almost promise you that if you do go to the Denim Bar, you will walk out with something in your bag.

If you don’t believe me, check out how amazing my friend’s husband looks from behind in his designer jeans. Imagine throwing a blazer on over this look for casual Friday at the office (or everyday at the office if you work in that type of environment). Envision yourself going out to a bar or dinner with your date in these. You will most assuredly turn some heads, and not just of the woman on your arm.


4 thoughts on “men’s wear wednesday: just say no to dad jeans”

  1. I go for the low-rise boot-cut relaxed fit at Old Navy. They’ve got just enough style to look fashionable without looking like I’m trying to be 20 again, and you can get them at a pretty good price.

  2. Kevin looks very hot in his J.Crew straight leg and his Levi’s of a similar ilk. Another friend of ours looks terrible in his light washed, tapered yet somehow baggy jeans. It makes all the difference.

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