men’s wear wednesday: cufflinks

photo credit: is little that raises the swoon factor more than a well-dressed man wearing cufflinks. Maybe it’s the extra difficulty in rolling up sleeves fastened by a piece of jewelry (especially since you guys don’t carry around a purse to put your accessories in if you need to take them off) but I don’t see a lot of French cuffs in the summer. But now it’s close to officially being fall and hopefully your reluctance to wear the ultimate in men’s shirts is about to change. Gentlemen, if you don’t own a shirt with French cuffs, go buy yourself one. Now. And don’t reserve this look for the office. A guy wearing dark wash denim (i.e. no dad jeans) with a blazer and a French cuffed shirt presents just as nicely as a man wearing such a shirt with a well-tailored suit.

(On a related note, if you need some guidance on how to mix and match patterned ties and shirts, hop on over to my friend Rosana’s blog for her recent shopping advice on this very topic.)

When it comes to buying cufflinks, my advice is to not be too literal with your choices. You don’t need to wear your heart, I mean, college team on your sleeve unless maybe you are head of the Booster Club. (But even then, you only get a pass on game day.) The same goes for your favorite football team, baseball team or political party. We all know which teams you support. Your cufflinks should otherwise be reflective of your personality and can complement your tie-shirt ensemble. If you tend more toward the daring, your can choose a bold or hip cufflink. If you are more conservative, there are plenty of very standard yet elegant options. Do you have a particular hobby you are passionate about? They probably make a cufflink that connects. Some of my favorites are pictured here, but I recognize this is about you not me.

It’s not about me at all.


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