blowing in the wind

A few of you have asked for the story behind my Dr. Zhivago inspired profile photos.

Well, it was a cold and blustery day on the Jersey Shore. I had arrived the afternoon before, hair looking good and perfect outfit packed. But torrential rains delayed the photo shoot, so Chris Meck and I opted instead to eat, drink and be merry, as two almost life long friends spending a night away from their kids are apt to do.

“Tomorrow will be clear,” she promised me, refilling my glass.

As you can see, it was indeed clear outside, but the part of the forecast lost on me in our planning was the wind chill of twenty degrees. So much for my new sweater and perfectly flat ironed hair.

Featured image
Photo by Chris Meck

With both form and function in mind, we added the fur headband to both keep my temples warm and hold my hair in place.

Featured image
Photo by Chris Meck

Part of my drive was to walk away with a book jacket author blurb photo, but Chris says we can try again later. In the meantime, enjoy these photos from the sandy tundra. You’re going to be seeing them until spring.

Featured image
Photo by Chris Meck

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