my cup runneth over

Yesterday, at the prompting of the youngest of my hosts, we went around the table and each shared three things we are thankful for. I gave thanks for friends who feel like family; kids who are funny, smart and thoughtful; and the opportunity to spend the last year exploring my creative interests.

What I didn’t mention for the sake of time and a desire to eat the feast before us: the ability to put words to paper to craft a story, as well as all the tools (computers, writing implements, time) that go along with that effort. Friends and a professional network who are willing to read and critique that writing.

The opportunity to take yoga teacher training under the guidance and wisdom of some wonderful yogis and with my inspiring classmates, all of whom share so much of themselves and help me improve my practice.

Hearth. Home. Health. Family. Health Insurance. Cats. A wine collection that would sustain me and a small army through snowmaggendon 2.0. A safe school for my kids. A paid-off car that gets me where I need to be and economizes fuel while doing it. Accidents that turn into serendipity. Books.

I’m trying to get better at being grateful everyday, not just when the calendar reminds me to. The pause we all took on Thanksgiving was too quickly replaced by the frenzy of Black Friday. As we approach the Christmas season, the challenge will be to not lose sight of what really matters. For me, that means not setting my alarm to score the best deal at my favorite shopping destination (you know who you are and I love you) but keeping with me today the spirit I embraced yesterday.


2 thoughts on “my cup runneth over”

  1. You said it perfectly. It’s possibly the most difficult thing to do, stay humble, grateful, and thankful. May this year shine in you with blessings and the grace to recognize understand them

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